Charging Handle Extended Latch - Ravage (Red)


  • Unique design geometry produces a faster release and a linear pull, one of the most cost effective and best enhancements you can make to your AR.
  • Extended design allows easier charging with added optics and sights.
  • High strength for added reliability under extreme conditions.
  • Precision CNC machined aluminum.
  • Designed for use with all standard/MIL-SPEC AR-15 charging handles.
  • Type II Enhanced anodized.
  • Weighs only 0.3 oz.
  • Includes stainless steel coil spring pin that offers greater strength over standard roll pins for increased reliability.

Lead Star Arms LLC Anodizing Disclaimer: Lead Star Arms LLC and our anodizing partner try our very best to provide the highest quality regarding our color anodizing. Our color anodizing can only be expected to withstand normal wear and tear within reason. The color anodizing process is not always a perfect color match every time, and it is expected that there will be some color variation in the anodizing and Lead Star Arms LLC cannot be held liable for such color variations.

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